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NV Insurance Industry

Industry Description

The Nevada personal auto insurance market is very competitive with well over 160 companies offering personal auto policies in the State. An auto insurance policy issued by an insurance company will have several parts. The declarations/information page includes the policy number, the effective dates, the details of the cars covered on the policy, the lien holder (if there is a loan on the car), the coverages, coverage limits, associated premium, risk classifications and any discounts or surcharges.

It is also going to list where the car is garaged and contact details for your insurance company and agent. The declaration page may also contain information on any traffic violations in the last 36 months that may have impacted the premium.

At least one copy of an insurance card should be included as proof of coverage. It is important to keep this card in the car, as Nevada law requires the production of this card when requested by law enforcement. Many insurers also offer an electronic version of the insurance card which can be produced on a mobile device such as your smartphone when requested by law enforcement.

Nevada Insurance Council

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